As Catholics, we belong to Jesus Christ. He is the head of the Church, its Founder, its Spouse and its Savior. It is in and through the Church that Christ continues his saving work in the world. To serve the Church is to serve Jesus Christ.

When serving the Church it is important to remember that it operates in two realms of reality: the spiritual and the temporal. The Church is present where the Word is proclaimed, the Sacraments are celebrated, and care is provided to those in need in accord with canon law. Simultaneously, the Church owns buildings, employs people, has investment assets and is obligated, in various ways, by civil law. Thus, decisions pertaining to practical and temporal matters require consideration of both realms.

Considering the complexity of ministering in today’s culture, we believe that close partnerships best serve leaders charged with advancing the mission of the Church. To that end, GP Catholic Services serves the Church by engaging leaders open to long-term relationships and partnerships.

Our Philosophy


An engaged Church giving glory to God, sharing the Good News, and serving those in need.


Partnering with Catholic (arch)dioceses, parishes, religious orders, schools and charitable organizations, GP Catholic Services serves Church leaders as they engage the faithful in discerning God’s call and respond in a way that gives glory to God.