Our disposition as individuals, as team, and as a company is known for being thoughtful, open, and relational.
These characteristics provide the foundation for our reputation as the trusted partners of Church leaders.


Understanding the Church’s mission and self-understanding enables us to distill volumes of input and data into salient and helpful information to be considered in a discernment process. This helps us remain open to hearing God’s will.


As the context of any given situation changes, and as God’s will becomes known, we have the expertise and experience to respond faithfully, quickly, and effectively. We draw on our depth of knowledge to adapt and redirect without losing sight of the ultimate goal of evangelization.


We know Christ. We enjoy being with His followers. Our clients are our sisters and brothers.

GP Catholic Services only hires or engages consultants who understand the Church, the call to missionary discipleship, and are able to lead Catholic organizations in discernment processes within their respective discipline. Each GP Catholic Services consultant brings a commitment to the Church, to people, to excellence, and to being focused. We believe these four commitments are essential when partnering with leaders in the Catholic Church and reaching our shared mission.


William W. Gorman
Managing Director
Dan Conway
Strategic Planning + Development + Pastoral Leadership
Kim Daniels
Strategic Communications + Public Affairs + Pastoral Leadership
Nicole Antil
Creative Strategy + Design Leadership + Process Development


Pete Cerone
Secondary Education Fundraising + Alumni Engagement + On-Line Giving
Elise Crawford
+ Social Media
+ Theology
Michael DeCristofaro
+ Management
+ Project Oversight
Peter Flynn
Finance + Mission Advancement + Operations
Kurt Hansen
On-Line Giving + Philanthropic Technology
Thomas Heding
Catholic Education + School Feasibility + Market Research
Scott Lancaster
+ Strategic Planning
+ Analytics
Alan Meitler
Diocesan and Parish Pastoral Planning + Research + Analytics
Paul Radich
Marketing + Communication of Complex Information
Diana Sims Snider
Communications + Legislative Affairs and Public Affairs
Dan Soller
Institutional Management + Operations + Higher Education
Jem Sullivan
Theology + Catechesis + Writer
Andreas Widmer
Entrepreneurship + Leadership + Ethics