GP Catholic Services hires or engages consultants who understand the Church, the call to missionary discipleship, and are able to lead Catholic organizations in discernment processes within their respective discipline.

GP Catholic Services is a national firm that maintains one of the largest professional staffs in the industry. Meet some of our team’s senior managers below.


Elizabeth Zeigler | GP Catholic Services
Elizabeth Zeigler
President and CEO
Pat House
Executive Vice President
Kevin Lynch
Chief Financial Officer
Christina Ferguson
Senior Manager
Bob Happy | GP Catholic Services
Robert C. Happy, Jr.
Head of Diocesan Campaigns

Client Engagement

Adele Beekman
Frank Byrne | GP Catholic Services
Frank Byrne
Peter Flynn
David Greig
Thomas Heding
Michael Henry
Alan Meitler
Jane Narich
Erica Pettis
Jim Rude
Koren Ruiz | GP Catholic Services
Koren Ruiz
Paolo Santonocito
Jackie Sullivan