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We offer decades of fundraising and development experience with a powerful focus on the Catholic Church.

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Archdiocese of Newark

GP Catholic Services retained to strengthen approach to stewardship education; mission-based funding

An assessment will determine the Archdiocese of Newark’s effectiveness in teaching Christian stewardship and raising funds among its 200 parishes and 1.39 million Catholics. A report of the findings, along with recommendations, will then be presented in order to strengthen the Church’s mission-based fundraising.


Diocese of Scranton

GP Catholic Services engaged to establish Catholic community foundation; major gifts initiative

Celebrating its 150th anniversary, the diocese includes 120 parishes and 12 schools and serves nearly 350,000 Catholics. GP Catholic Services will implement Bishop Bambera’s vision to establish a Catholic community foundation and plan and lead a major gifts campaign to help fund it.

Archdiocese of Louisville

Engages parishes in Integrated Discernment

Archbishop Kurtz challenged the Archdiocese of Louisville’s parishioners to consider the question, “How is God asking us to grow?” GP Catholic Services helped guide responses through engaging parishes in a formal process of integrated discernment: framing issues from spiritual and temporal dimensions.


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