Mission Driven And Moving At The Speed Of The World

We are living in one of the most significant times in the history of the Church. There have never been as many opportunities to proclaim the Good News as there are today – providing one understands the Church and how to navigate within the world around us.

We are not Pollyannaish. We are people of hope – and we know the opportunities for the Church far outweigh the challenges. We know this because we have personally and repeatedly experienced success against what appeared to be significant odds. We are believers.

We are looking for people who want the efforts of their career to reach into eternity.

A New Company With Deep Roots

GP Catholic Services is a new company rooted in the success and stability of Graham-Pelton Consulting, a full-service planning, fundraising, and non-profit management firm with an established twenty-year track record serving clients throughout the United States and globally. The values of Graham-Pelton Consulting of boldness, empathy, optimism, authenticity, and focus were foundational in the conception of GP Catholic Services and remain as values that keep us connected to our roots.

How We Help the Church

Key aspects to the Church successfully carrying out her mission in today’s culture is having discerned a crystal-clear vision as well as the ability to fund and communicate that vision. This is at the heart of what we do. We help Church institutions and organizations ask: Where are we now? Where is God calling us? How do we get there together?

To that end, our passion and expertise are focused in three praxis areas:

Pastoral Leadership

We guide Catholic organizations through multi-phased discernment and planning processes that articulate vision and mission, establish long-term goals and objectives, and increase Gospel impact.

Stewardship and Development

Money is a practical necessity for most Church ministries, and needs to be raised in a way that is consistent with the teaching of Sacred Scripture and the fundamental principles of Christian Spirituality. Therefore, the means that are used to develop and grow the resources that the Church needs must be consistent with her divine origin and her sacred mission.

GP Catholic Services is committed to the integration of fundamental principles of Church teaching with recognized best practices in organizational leadership, planning, communications, transparency, fundraising, and financial accountability.


The future of Catholic communications is not any one or even a combination of platforms. Successful communications is dependent on clearly knowing what needs to be conveyed and then disseminating the right information to the right people, in the right manner, through the right platform, at the right time.

How We Help Each Other

Our people are our first organizational priority. We want everyone on our team to succeed. We invest time, money, and, most importantly, responsibility in our team members. We give people big jobs, lots of help, and let them succeed. When they fail, we help them up and dust them off. In exchange, we ask for their passion, commitment to excellence, and unrelenting determination.

How You Can Become Part of Our Joy

Our work is a joy, we are making a difference, and we need more people who are looking to channel their passion in the way we have.

Career Opportunities

Associates, Consultants, and Senior Consultants
Stewardship and Development, Pastoral Leadership

Our Associates, Consultants, and Senior Consultants work directly with clients, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. To be successful, consultants need a basic understanding of the Catholic Church and the world in which we live. This work involves being part of a larger team and helping carry out tasks directly with clients. Therefore, people who succeed in these roles are relationally oriented, thoughtful, and like to use various forms of technology.

Entry-level Associates are required to have a college degree. Consultants will have a college degree and 1-3 years of experience working in a related field. Senior Consultants will have a college degree and 4-7 years of experience in a related field.

Please email GP Catholic Services to offer your indication of interest.

Senior Leaders
Stewardship and Development

We are looking for a variety of Senior Leaders that can act as business developers, high-level consultants, or campaign managers. Our senior leaders bring a significant understanding of the Catholic Church and are excellent practitioners. Senior Leaders of GP Catholic Services have broad and diverse experiences as development and fundraising professionals and share in the responsibility to steward the firm to continued and future success.

Requirements include a college degree; a minimum of 10 years’ experience; demonstrated success in business development, project management, and/or consulting; and transferable professional services experience.

Please email GP Catholic Services to offer your indication of interest.