Extensive consultation throughout the Catholic Church in the United States combined with thoughtful business analysis led to the development of GP Catholic Services, a firm dedicated solely to addressing the unique issues facing the Catholic Church in the areas of fundraising, planning, and communication.

Featured Clients

Archdiocese of Newark

GP Catholic Services retained to strengthen approach to stewardship education; mission-based funding

An assessment will determine the Archdiocese of Newark’s effectiveness in teaching Christian stewardship and raising funds among its 200 parishes and 1.39 million Catholics. A report of the findings, along with recommendations, will then be presented in order to strengthen the Church’s mission-based fundraising.

Diocese of Greensburg

Raises more than $55 million, exceeding campaign goal

With Graham-Pelton as counsel, the diocese launched the Today’s Challenge ~ Tomorrow’s Hope capital and endowment campaign, engaging parishioners in fundraising efforts to secure the future of the diocese’s parishes, schools, evangelization, faith formation, and other ministries.

Diocese of Scranton

GP Catholic Services engaged to establish Catholic community foundation; major gifts initiative

Celebrating its 150th anniversary, the diocese includes 120 parishes and 12 schools and serves 350,000 Catholics. GP Catholic Services will implement Bishop Bambera’s vision to establish a Catholic community foundation and plan and lead a major gifts campaign to help fund it.

Part of the Collegium System

GP Catholic Services is proud to be part of Collegium Holdings, Inc., a broad system of best-in-class professional services firms exclusively serving nonprofits. As a privately held parent company, Collegium operates an organization of people, firms, and resources that deliver professional services to meet the diverse needs of nonprofits. All companies within Collegium maintain their distinct brand identity and are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Partnering with Collegium offers unfettered access to the broadest base of resources and the deepest bench of experts within the nonprofit sector worldwide.

Integrated Discernment Processâ„¢

GP Catholic Services uses Integrated Discernment, a process which we developed to help Church leaders understand and frame each high level issue from both spiritual and temporal perspectives to inform the strategic and tactical planning processes. This is a three-part process:

Understanding Spiritual and Temporal Dimensions

We help Church leaders to understand how people are currently encountering the Church. We help Church leaders understand the political, economic, social, technological, and legal influences that impact its ability to advance the mission of the Church.

Framing and Preparing to Plan

We frame significant issues in both their spiritual and temporal dimensions, ensuring a thorough understanding of the objectives, challenges, and opportunities facing the organization.

Application of an Understood Framework

A strategic planning process carefully crafted around an understanding of assumptions is a defining characteristic of our work.