Through our work with dioceses, parishes, schools and other Church-related organizations, we’ve developed a multi-phased planning process that articulates vision and mission, establishes long-term goals and objectives, and increases ministry impact. By engaging clergy, religious, and faithful, we design specific, measurable action plans which further the Church’s mission.

Synod Pre-planning and Implementation

As described by Archbishop Thomas Wenski, based on his experience in the Diocese of Orlando, the purpose of a diocesan synod is not simply to develop new projects or new programs, but to initiate a pastoral revitalization of parishes, schools, and diocesan institutions.

GP Catholic Services works with bishops and other diocesan leaders to assess the value of conducting a diocesan synod and to assist in the pre-planning and implementation of the synod’s canonical processes.

Strategic Pastoral Planning

Pastoral planning can be conducted within the context of a diocesan synod or as a separate activity. Strategic planning does not seek to encompass all the ministries and operations of a Catholic organization but rather seeks to identify and concentrate on key pastoral priorities.

GP Catholic Services works with bishops and other diocesan leaders to articulate vision, mission and goals, and to engage and listen attentively to the voices of clergy, religious, and lay faithful in setting pastoral priorities. By developing specific, measurable action strategies, organizations can make their mission a reality.

Demographics and Market Research and Analysis

The best decisions are made when leaders have access to complete, informative, and reliable information about their community.

Diocesan and parish planning

We work with diocesan and parish leaders to articulate vision, mission and goals, and to develop action strategies that are based on the best available demographics, research, and analysis.

A solid plan built on inspired vision and accurate, fact-based information helps Church leaders develop action strategies that can take advantage of new opportunities and effectively address challenges. In the end, the purpose of all pastoral planning is to realize more effective and vibrant ministry.

Planning for schools

Successful school planning strengthens the mission of Catholic education by developing comprehensive strategies that integrate all aspects of a school. GP Catholic Services works with school leaders and uses the most comprehensive information available to ensure the vibrancy of all Catholic school programs and activities. GP Catholic Services focuses on:

  • Catholic identity through an integrated approach to teaching, worship and community service programs
  • Enrollment management and marketing through proven recruitment and retention strategies, using data research, reliable demographics and projections
  • Comprehensive assessment of a school’s funding model and a data-based five-year financial projection
  • Audit of fundraising programs and activities with detailed recommendations for improvement

Organizational Assessments and Consulting

Effective listening is essential to good planning and to responsible stewardship of the Church’s human, physical, and financial resources. Professional counsel provided to diocesan, parish, and school leaders needs to be informed by demographics, research, and analysis. GP Catholic Services consultants are skilled at integrating objective, fact-based information with the subjective issues expressed by clergy, religious, and lay people in every diocese, parish, school or other Catholic organization.

Fundraising and Stewardship

Pastoral Leadership