Church leaders today are presented with a wide range of opportunities and challenges. While these opportunities and challenges are distinct due to the time and space in which the Church now ministers, they are not unique. Throughout the rich, 2,000-year history of the Church, there have always been times of gains and struggles.

The difference between those times and today is simple: it’s our turn. Today it is our mission to respond to those opportunities and challenges – as Church leaders have done before us and as they will continue to do in the years ahead.

Thankfully, leading in these times does not need to be a solitary endeavor.

GP Catholic Services is an organization of experienced, mission-driven professionals who understand the Church and the culture in which it ministers today. Good leadership requires mission clarity, reliable funding, and the ability to communicate with those involved in the life of the Church and those who are not. These are fundamental starting points for ministering in a complicated world and it is with this truth in mind that GP Catholic Services has established three distinct Practice Groups.

Practice Groups

Pastoral Leadership

Stewardship and Development